What is eDiets?

In the age of the Internet, the concept of gaining access to information and resources about weight loss and dieting is as easy as hopping online. With a few clicks of the mouse, an individual can come across tons of information about this topic. eDiets in particular are among the rapidly growing methods people are turning to as a means of achieving their weight loss goals. The approach for this method favors the use of meal plans that have been specially designed to help people shed unwanted pounds. Because each meal plan is customized for an individual, this increases the chances of successful results. Trying to eat right is always easier said than done and eDiets provide a way for people to stick to a healthier regimen and develop better eating habits by receiving a steady supply of nutritious foods that can help a person lose anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds or more, within five weeks. As the name implies, eDiets provides all of its content, information and resources on the Internet, which makes it fast, easy and convenient for people to check out. Even the ordering and delivery of the meal plans can be arranged online, making this process streamlined and less time consuming, compared to visiting a weight loss center location in person.

The way eDiets work is by first allowing a person to choose the meals they are interested in trying and creating their own customized meal plan. Each of the meals included in the eDiet are made fresh and meet specific taste and nutritional requirements that make them ideal for weight loss. Once the meal plan has been put together, the person then places their order and simply waits for the meals to be delivered to their home every week.

There is a 5-day and 7-day plan to choose from. The 5-day plan includes 20 meals, broken up into 4 meals per day, while the 7-day plan comes with 28 meals, which are also broken up into

4 meals per day. Aside from having the meals delivered right to a person’s home, there are also additional features that come with being enrolled in an eDiet program. Some of these key features include, but are not limited to: live support from registered dieticians, an interactive social networking community and even a custom fitness plan.

Types of eDiets

Because no two people are the same, the eDiet they choose should reflect not only their own personal weight goals but their body type and taste as well. The beauty of eDiets is the ability for a person to customize the meal delivery plan so that they know exactly what they will be getting. An additional perk is the fact that once the meal plan has been chosen, chefs prepare the food from scratch, ensuring the freshness and quality in taste upon delivery. There are over 100 meals and dessert options to choose from, which allows even the pickiest eaters to find just the right foods that cater to their taste buds.

The meal plans fall under the categories of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and dessert. The options below are among the many choices people can choose from and are not limited to the specific foods mentioned below.

Breakfast options can include: French toast with turkey sausage and raspberry sauce, yogurt parfait with cashews and raisins, blueberry muffin or a tomato basil omelet with sliced potatoes.

Lunch options can include: rosemary pork with brown rice, blackened chicken with herbal rice, chicken flatbread pizza or roasted turkey breast with cranberry wild rice.

Dinner options can include: hoisin glazed chicken with couscous and vegetables, lasagna with Malibu blend vegetables, lemon herb chicken with wild rice and broccoli or seasoned and roasted cod with summer squash and Spanish rice.

Snack options can include: cinnamon sugar butterfly cookies, a Ghiradelli dark chocolate candy bar, Nikki’s raspberry ladybug and Terra chips.

Dessert options can include: yogurt baked berry apple pie, cool spiced berries, orange honey cream dessert and mocha almond pie.

To guarantee freshness, each meal is placed in special packaging and transported in fresh coolers, delivered by FedEx. The food is never frozen so there is no need for thawing or defrosting of any kind.


Which eDiet Program is Right for You?

With over 100 options to choose from, first time eDieters may find themselves overwhelmed and unsure as to which meals they should try. However, eDiets is designed to not only offer the best meal plans for weight loss but plenty of assistance from professionals to help people create the ideal custom meal plan for their goals.

Instead of leaving you to figure out which meal plan to order, eDiets uses a free profile tool to evaluate what your needs are. By filling out a simple electronic form, eDiets will suggest the most suitable meal plan, based on the information provided. Some of the questions that appear on the form deal with how much weight you are hoping to lose, what your activity level is, if there are any problem areas you want to target, as well as what your favorite types of food are, to name a few. The profile form also takes into account your age, current weight and height.

Once you find out which eDiet is right for you, simply customize your meal plan by choosing the options offered according to the eDiet recommended. After you begin receiving and enjoying your meals, your involvement with the program doesn’t end there. To get the best results, you’ll also have access to an expert support system, made up of certified and registered dieticians as well as fitness professionals. These individuals are here to help and provide support in any way, shape or form that you need it. There is also an online networking community, filled with fellow eDieters and mentors to help you remain focused and motivated on reaching your weight loss goals.Should you have any questions or concerns about your meal plan, there is a toll-free number you can call.

Because optimal results are achieved through proper exercise as well as better eating habits, eDiets offers customers a customized fitness plan to work hand-in-hand with your meal plans. Whether you rarely work out or make it a point to stay physically active, the fitness plans created are unique to your needs and lifestyle. The eDiets fitness plans cater to both individuals that prefer to implement an exercise regimen from the comfort of their home as well as those who would rather take their new plan and try it out at their local gym.

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